Hopefully, by teaching my children, they will carry this love and knowledge on...

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Story by Sarah Gupta

Gupta Family: Trip to the Catskills

My family recently moved from the Plains of Minnesota to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. While we are enjoying all the city has to offer, we miss quiet time spent outdoors with nature.

Story by Isaiah Brookshire

Brookshire Family: Camping Traditions

It's two in the morning and I'm sitting in a tent with toddler who woke up an hour ago. I'm desperately trying to convince him to go back to sleep, but each time I lay him down and pull up the covers, he starts complaining — loudly.

Story by Olivia Currie

Currie Family: Lessons from Yellowstone

I have a lot reasons for getting out and exploring. When my son was born, he became the biggest one. We recently visited Yellowstone National Park.