Hopefully, by teaching my children, they will carry this love and knowledge on...

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Story by Yiqian Barba

Barba Family: Evening at Lake Robinson

I take the boys outside as often as I can. I always feel inspired and refreshed after I've spent time in nature. My personality and upbringing play a big part in that. Once my boys got old enough to walk and run on their own, I started taking them to nearby parks, and now I often take them on day trips to a nearby city or a new state park.

Story by Michelle Garcia

Garcia Family: Life Living Moments

Life is what happens in those in-between moments; those times between the chaos of work, school, and schedules. We want to foster a lifestyle that focuses more on these "life living" moments than our hectic to-do lists. Every month, Edward and I, along with our two girls, Olivia and Harper, take at least a few days to live our "real lives."

Story by Brandi Rondinelli

Rondinelli Family: Wander & Wonder

It's 8 a.m. and my son Lorenzo has just asked if we can go on a hike. My daughter Halona heard "go" and she has already brought me her shoes. With a big smile on my face, we all get dressed, have a small breakfast, pack a little backpack, and head out the door. I would be lying if I said this never happens. My little explorers often want to head outside as soon as they wake up. I don't blame them.