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Story by Sarah Antonio

Antonio Family: Family Road Trip

Whether we are packing the van for quick weekend getaways, hiking the woods behind our home, or heading off on a weeks-long adventure, we are all our happiest when we are outdoors and exploring nature. This summer we took a two-week road trip from our home in Indiana to Los Angeles.

Story by Gina Schlosser

Schlosser Family: Summer Living

Hello! We're the Schlosser family from Denver, Colorado -- Adam, Gina, Mia (age 5), and Millie (age 3). We really love exploring the outdoors and learning new things. As the mom, I'm usually the one photographing our adventures and documenting them in our family journal.

Story by Mahliya Montgomery

Montgomery Family: The Perfect Labor Day

Our family took a day trip to Santa Cruz for Labor Day. We wanted to get back to nature, but it was also an excuse for me to catch up with one of my closest friends I hadn't seen in years. We had planned on heading out early so that we could go for a hike before hitting the beach, but we all had a hard time getting up and ended up leaving later than planned.