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Story by Josée Bergeron

Bergeron Family: The Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is a 180-kilometer stretch of coastal land that lies north of the bustling city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Some call it one of British Columbia's best-kept secrets, a Pacific paradise dotted with quiet coastal towns, hidden groves and secret beaches. I couldn't agree more.

Story by Care Willink

Willink Family: Imperial Sand Dunes

Barely findable on a map, the Imperial Sands Dunes are miles upon miles of raw, uninhabited, untouched sand, intended for dune buggies.

Story by Shawna Crompton

Crompton Family: Off-Season at Glacier National Park

We recently took a road trip to our cabin in Colorado, and always like to hit up a national park on our drive back to Washington state. This October we decided to stop by Glacier National Park in beautiful Montana.