Hopefully, by teaching my children, they will carry this love and knowledge on...

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Story by Araceli Gonzalez

Gonzalez Family: Annual Adventure to Yosemite

The first time we set our eyes on Yosemite National Park it took our breath away. We went camping for a week with two kids in tow, and it was magical. Something about that park set our hearts on fire.

Story by Tiffany Hahn

Hahn Family: Adventure Rules

Our family of four took a trip to Big Bend National Park in Texas, where we live. We've vacationed with family before, but this was our first family vaca with just the four of us.

Story by Samantha Mtatiro

Mtatiro Family: Life Lessons From the Trail

I'm not hiking the Pacific Crest trail here, but hiking can be hard…then rewarding…then you add kids. It's something more then the surge of endorphins, fresh air and pretty destination at the end of a trail; it's so much more that makes us want to do it again and again.