Hopefully, by teaching my children, they will carry this love and knowledge on...

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Story by Lindsey Shedd

Shedd Family: Picnic in the Mountains

I have 5 boys, so of course we go on a lot of adventures. We love to explore, hike and see new areas of God's creation.

Story by Paige Cortes

Cortes Family: Finding Balance

We all need balance in life. We need it in our everyday lives, with family, friends, and even on vacation! September marked one year of full-time RVing for our family. We're calling it our RV-versary.

Story by Paige Cortes

Cortes Family: Mystic Hot Springs

It's easy to get caught up in the "go-go-go" and planning of a life of travel. I definitely do, as the planner in the family.