Story by

Erika Yung

January 16th, 2018

Earlier this year, I was overcome by a strong desire to see our country's natural beauty. (America the beautiful, right?)

Learning about our country's national parks via textbooks is great, but it doesn't beat actually touching craggily rocks and sandy dirt, smelling fresh mountain air, and hearing the sounds of wildlife. So when we were recently met with the opportunity to road trip our way to Zion National Park, we said yes.

We traveled with friends and five little ones under the age of four! (Crazy, right?!) For us, the key was planning around naps and making sure we had plenty of snacks throughout the day.

We chose short-distance hikes that also provided the older kids with enough space to climb and explore.

In case you're wondering, it's definitely possible to visit Zion and take in its spectacular views with young children. We visited the lower of the three Emerald Pools one day and Weeping Rock the next.

We observed different shaped leaves, beautiful rock formations, and trees so colorful we couldn't stop marveling with each turn we took up the mountain. We were swept away by the grandeur, but also took some time to search the trails for small rocks and new leaves.

Each day we took a break during our hike to have lunch and read nature books during a little story time. After a short rest, the kids were back to playing and exercising their wild imaginations.

Our last day in Zion was a "free day," during which the little ones fed llamas, sheep, and donkeys and played Little House on the Prairie in a cute, covered wagon.

We loved Zion and look forward to going back when the children are older to experience all the wonder the mountains and narrows have to offer.

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