Story by

Yiqian Barba

August 8th, 2017

I take the boys outside as often as I can. I always feel inspired and refreshed after I've spent time in nature. My personality and upbringing play a big part in that. Growing up, my dad provided lots of opportunities for adventure. It helped that we lived on the tropical island of Guam. My parents let me start scuba diving before I turned 16, so I spent many hours in the water.

Once my boys got old enough to walk and run on their own, I started taking them to nearby parks, and now I often take them on day trips to a nearby city or a new state park. The adventure I'm sharing with you is from an evening we spent at Lake Robinson State Park, which is just 20 minutes from our house.

Summer in South Carolina is hot and humid, so evenings are really the only sane time to go outside. We recently took the boys to the lake to watch the sunset. (That is to say…mostly throw rocks.)

We'll see people fishing and boating, and sometimes a storm rolls in before sunset. Even though they have to get a little creative with what they do (no swimming in this lake), the boys have a really good time. Their creative side comes to life and they become more focused.

I've discovered that at this young age they get bored quickly, especially at home, even though we have a lot of toys. But when we get outside, they play differently. They can entertain themselves just by throwing rocks. One of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching your kids learn and discover new things. Spending time in creation ignites that discovery in them. That's why we venture out.