Story by

Lindsey Shedd

October 31st, 2017

I have 5 boys, so of course we go on a lot of adventures. We love to explore, hike and see new areas of God's creation. We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the country; the western sunsets and majestic mountains often draw our hearts and minds to our Creator.

Our family recently packed a picnic lunch and ventured into the mountains in Northeast Wyoming for the day. There was no cell phone service, no stores, no hustle and bustle—nothing but the mountains, fields of wild flowers and a flowing creek. The birds could be heard singing over the rushing water. The audible sound of crickets was near, and the wind whistling through the trees provided a gentle breeze.

We camped out at the creek, enjoying all the great outdoors had to offer. We hiked up and down the mountain and stumbled upon a field of lavender wildflowers at the very top. The boys ran through the creek and even created a boardwalk across, using an old tree trunk they drug down the mountain. We enjoyed the day, picnicking and exploring, hiking and running and just being together.

Adventures like this are so special to our family because we come together, laugh together and play together resulting in hearts closely knit together.