Story by

Kortni Miller

November 28th, 2017

One of the best things being outdoors does for our family is that it separates us from all the habits and programming of our familiar, everyday lives. The distance allows us to remember who we are, what we want, and where we're headed without the pull of an overly-connected world. When we travel to the places God created, where the noise can't reach us, we connect to something so much deeper and long lasting. It's an awakening and a remembering, all in the same fresh breath.

Recently, we spent fall break with some friends in Moab, Utah, camped between towering mesas that blocked all cell connection and made room for real connection. One of the reasons we chose to opt into outdoor life with our kids is because the landscapes next to our home facilitate so much growth and closeness within our little family. These few places left in nature where cell service isn't welcome forces us to leave the world behind for a moment so that we can grow together and not distract apart.

We love exploring the diverse landscapes of Utah. Each mountain, lake, trail and desert plateau has an experience and lesson of its own waiting for us. We love the wide-open campsites the desert offers, while still being close enough to explore the best National Parks and hidden gems that kind locals will tell you about.

Moab is rich with history, both of ancient Native Americans and dinosaurs. The pictographs left behind on red rock walls and the huge footprints fossilized from dinosaurs make us feel small and important in all the best ways. These places always leave their mark on us and give us the opportunity to reflect the impact and footprints our own family is leaving behind on this land as we travel through it.