Story by

Vibha Mahadeo

July 5th, 2016

We live in the suburbs of Long Island. We may not be surrounded by mountains or national forests, but my boys and I adventure out every day. A lot of our adventures happen in and around our neighborhood.

At ages three and one, they are curious about everything. It's all new to them. A simple walk around our neighborhood leads to question-filled conversations about the environment.

As they water the plants in our yard, we speak of the role of earthworms and the importance of helping flowers and vegetables grow.

We leave our backyard and walk down the street. We see the roots of an old tree pushing through the sidewalk, seeking out space to grow. This brings so many questions from my three year old as he struggles to understand if the tree is okay and has enough space. We see birds flying around and he follows their flight to see if they are going to their nest.

My boys love splashing in puddles, but recently it was mixed with some oil and this brought up a conversation about taking care of our planet and doing things in a safe manner so that others have the opportunity to enjoy the Earth too.

Learning with a three and one year old is easy and fun to do. All it takes is mentioning the things you're observing. This simple act sparks curiosity and, more importantly, care for our environment.