Story by

Michelle Frederick

January 31st, 2017

Being an army family, we move frequently and don't always live in our ideal location. We love to be one with the outdoors, but we've often ended up in the south, where 100-degree summers did not bode well with our young children.

A year ago, we moved to Fort Drum in Upstate New York, and we have been so content ever since. There are tons of nature trails on Fort Drum. Every day we go on a walk, and almost every day we can visit a new trail! The nature here is truly breath-taking. I love that you can revisit a trail in a different season and it looks completely different, but just as beautiful. Plus, going on daily walks is so good for our boys. They get to slow down and explore without time limits or constraints. It gives them time to hear nothing but the noises of nature, which is incredibly therapeutic for our entire family.

One day we decided to go on a walk when there was a very unusual element outside - fog! During the winter in New York, fog is very rare to see. Both boys were completely intrigued by it. To them, it was like walking through clouds.

They were skeptical at first, nervous to walk when they couldn't see too far in front of them. The beginning of our walk took lots of gentle coaxing. We encouraged them to continue forward even when they couldn't see. Places we had been before now looked completely mysterious and ominous.

But once they grew used to it, the real adventure began! They ran and chased each other, dug at the patches of snow with sticks, and squinted their eyes into the distance trying to see what they could find hiding in the fog.

I will always proudly remember this day as when both boys pushed through their worry and learned a great lesson. Even when things appear different, never lose your sense of exploration. Let inquisitiveness push through doubt, and, most importantly, never let anything stop you from getting outside!