Story by

Sunshine Batson

December 20th, 2016

We are a family of four. My name is Sunshine, my husband's name is Andre, and we have 2.5 year-old twin boys, Maxwell and Brandon. We live in Oakville, which is a beautiful suburban town in Southern Ontario, Canada, known for its beautiful and accessible trails and parks.

This past fall, our family lived and breathed the parks and trails in our town. We watched the colors of the leaves turn, and felt the transition of the weather change from sunny and humid to crisp and cool.

I want to share our family adventures at Lakeside Park. We love this park for its beautiful, large trees, amazing playground and picnic area, and the fact that it's right by the lake.

As we transitioned into fall, I saw a change in my boys. Maxwell and Brandon gained confidence on the playground, where they no longer needed their parents for help.

Falls, scrapes, and bruises were no longer as traumatic or dramatic. Once short and simple conversations grew into chatty show-and-tells. My boys would collect the leaves from the ground and bring them home for crafts.

Hanging out by the lake was their special time with their dad. They would throw rocks in the lake and ask endless questions about boats, birds, and planes. This was my favorite time at the park, watching their relationship flourish.

I honestly thought going to parks was a great way to burn off the boys' energy and to get fresh air, but to my surprise, it allowed my husband and I to reconnect. Life gets so busy with the boys, but these mini adventures allowed us to focus on our relationship and our family. It was a great fall season. I look forward to our winter adventures.