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Carissa Solis-David

March 1st, 2016

Just this week, we received a rude awakening – a cold front! She came to us like a swift punch to the nose. The weather in Chicago has been oddly milder this winter, but as we all know, many of life's joys are momentary and we must seize them with much enthusiasm while they last. We have been inside all week. Most home educators will agree, days are much more enjoyable when the sunshine kisses our faces and the kids run free. Being away from the "cave" is good for all our mental health. Living in "Chiberia," outdoor fun isn't always at the top on our list, especially when it is below zero outside. This week we bit the bullet and decided to go outside anyway.

Life doesn't have to be perfect in order to be wonderful.

The girls had been begging me to play in the snow. They have all these romantic notions about "la mierda blanca" (the white poop), as I like to refer to it. They imagine making snow angels, building snowmen, sledding down the stairs – the list goes on and on! My shortsightedness only sees the hassle of bundling up and then scurrying back in once someone has to potty or gets snow down their neck.

On this day, I decided to be led by their sense of adventure. I chose joy in that moment, because when they are living wild and free, I am most fulfilled. I realized the things my kids will remember most are how they felt about themselves when we were together, rather than how well I presume they are doing in school tasks. Yes, there is a place for routine, expectation and responsibility. The larger picture, however, is that we only get one shot at this parenting stuff.

Take that cabin fever!

Today will be tomorrow before we know it. I decided to push through all of my selfish reasons to stay inside and enjoy my curious, vibrant girls while I still have them close and seeking adventure by my side. Just because the weather wasn't perfect didn't mean we couldn't have a blast. As I said before, when they are wild and free, I feel most fulfilled.

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