Story by

Brit Chambers

January 10th, 2017

We recently started homeschooling as an effort to simplify our children's' lives and spend more time together as a family. Three of our children were adopted from foster care, so there are some chunks of time when we weren't able to be in their lives.

It became very clear to us that hiking and outdoor adventures were the best way to all spend quality time together while meeting a variety of needs and interests, so this mama (who was not raised hiking) had to be a quick learner!

It is now common to find us hiking 4.5 miles while my hubby is at work. He's the outdoorsman, but has taught us well. I have to admit that doing this "for the kids" has actually been an amazing boon to our marriage.

So far, we have traveled the southern and central regions of the United States in our RV, and will be spending January and February on taking our kids on their first international trip to Costa Rica!

Our oldest son has a brain injury that occurred prior to his adoption. His biggest hurdles in life have been communication and coordination. You might think this would hold us back from hiking, but instead it has brought us so far! He thrives in open spaces where he can stretch his body and limits, and describing the beauty of nature has strengthened his vocabulary.

Hiking did this and we want others to know the power of this connecting force, even if there are a few limits in your path!