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Brenda Bird

December 8th, 2015

A couple of weeks after we welcomed our sweet baby Madeleine, we decided to take a walk at Discovery Park, a park a couple of blocks from our home in Seattle. The park is huge, and we've only seen a sliver of it. I had been feeling disconnected from my family since I was busy tending to our newborn and trying to recover from a C-section whilst in zombie mode. My husband made sure to entertain the kiddos and would take them out so I could rest. Living like this made me feel like we had different families and were just crossing paths. My kids were even nervous to get physically close since I was in quite a bit of pain coming from the hospital. We really just needed some time together without distractions.

As we made our way along the trail, which looked like the savannah, I welcomed the fresh air and the idyllic scenery. Not only was the landscape picturesque, but my little family running around completed it. Ashton demanded that I walk cautiously through the trail. "Mom, you gotta watch out. There could be lions hiding." Oliver quickly chimed in, "Yeah, Mom. And you can't run!" They ran away with their adorably infamous sly smiles. Adelle and I looked at each other and widened our eyes at the prospect of lions roaming around.

Walking hand in hand, we peered into the tall grass trying to spot any "lions" that would get us. Unfortunately, Daddy and Madeleine were spotted by the silly lions. Were they able to make a run for it? But of course! The lions deemed Madeleine way too cute to attack. Dad only made it out through association.

Soon the lions quieted down and turned back into little boys.

"Mommy, aren't these pretty? I picked them for you!" Oliver squealed in delight. We may have stopped every five seconds to pick more flowers…and more…and more. And of course Oliver and Adelle competed to see who could get the most flowers and give them to Mom.

It surely brightened my mood knowing my kids wanted to make me feel special. It didn't matter what I wore or what I looked like (postpartum period: everything is hard to get used to!) but I was their mom and they loved me. You see, even the smallest act of kindness brightens the day.

Giggles and roars were plentiful. A sense of rejuvenation came over me and I was grateful that I opted to join them instead of just staying home with the baby. Yes, I was exhausted. Yes, I was still in pain. But I needed to get out and be with my other children, and they needed to spend time with their mom. It didn't matter what we did. It was a safe way to play, a way to engage without the rough-and-tumble play. Just an hour gave us the boost we needed to reconnect.

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