Story by

Sarah Antonio

October 10th, 2017

We are a family of eight. When not running the homestead, we love to travel, adventure, explore, hike, and camp.

Whether we are packing the van for quick weekend getaways, hiking the woods behind our home, or heading off on a weeks-long adventure, we are all our happiest when we are outdoors and exploring nature.

This summer we took a two-week road trip from our home in Indiana to Los Angeles. It was our maiden voyage of sorts, because it really showed us that traveling with six kids is an indescribably wonderful adventure.

We were able to camp nearly every night on federal lands and, occasionally, in a campground. We visited six different national parks, California beaches, and took in the stunning scenery across our nation.

The joy that comes from "unplugging" and reconnecting as a family is incomparable. Despite the fact that we drove so many miles, we were really able to slow down and re-center as a unit in a way that is difficult amidst the daily grind.

It was amazing to watch the children learn and connect with the world around them. We have found that travel and adventure are the best learning tools we can offer our children.