Story by

Babette Mendoza

January 5th, 2016

Adventuring means a lot to us because we get to spend our whole day talking to each other and being together without any distractions. Big Basin was surely one of our funniest adventures ever. Let's just say: thank goodness for Ziplocs and baby wipes!

My son sure looks up to his older sister, and this adventure brought them a little closer. They walked, side-by-side, telling each other stories, chatting about school, asking about crushes or secrets – giggling the whole way.

As we hiked back, my older daughter sang, "We Are The Champions" out loud. We love to dance, so we danced and ran back to the visitor center to get some hot cocoa.

Most of the time, these simple, sweet experiences make me emotional – in the best possible way. We depend on each other so much. Being a single parent doesn't stop me from striving to give my kids the best childhood ever.